EV Olives bottle and package local Australian produced EV Olive Oil and EV Table Olives under our EV label for the retail and restaurant trade, plus we offer a contract packaging service.

EV Product Range

      EV Extra Virgin Olive Oil
      EV Bread Dipping Oil
      EV Vinaigrette
      EV Traditional Tapenade
      EV Stir Fry Oil
      EV Agramato (Lime) Olive Oil
      EV Agramato (Lemon) Olive Oil
      EV Truffle Infused Oil
      EV Garlic Infused Oil
      EV Olve Oil Soap
      EV Olive Oil Moisturiser

The finest EV Kalamata Table Olives prepared in a variety of flavours:-
      Natural Brine
      Lemon Cracked Pepper
      Chilli and Garlic
      Semi Dry


We offer a machine harvesting & contract oil pressing service to local fruit producers.
We use a 1500 kg per hour olive extraction facility and are happy to discuss optimum stages of fruit maturity to produce the results growers require.

EV Olives Product List

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EV Olives Folded Brochure
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EV Olives

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