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EV Olives is one of the Australian olive oil industry's great success stories. With Extra Virgin Olive Oils that consistently win awards and with the adoption of our products among the ranks of Australia's best chefs and gourmet food suppliers, EV Olives is trusted for its outstanding quality.

EV Olives is dedicated to making the finest natural oils from the freshest fruit. Our fruit is sourced from 35 groves located throughout alpine valleys of North-East Victoria, where a clean environment and Mediterranean climate ensure premium quality.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a first-class standard of harvesting, processing and storage. Mobile harvesting equipment enables us to transport new fruit directly from the groves to our modern processing facility at Markwood. Upon arrival the oil is extracted using centrifugal force, without the use of chemicals or heat. The oil is immediately sealed in stainless steel tanks excluding contact with air and light. This streamlined process ensures maximum freshness and flavour profiles.

Increasing national and international demand for EV Olives products has seen us achieve an average growth in sales of 25% per annum. Our attention to detail at every stage of production, combined with continual reinvestment in state-of the art equipment, ensures that we maintain maximum quality at competitive prices.

EV Olives supplies customised packaged and bulk products to suit all markets, and have the flexibility to meet a range of customer requirements from small order lots to export container consignments.

You may purchase our products at our on-line shop or visit our Markwood olive grove for farm gate sales.

EV Olives
203 Everton Road,
Markwood, Victoria 3678,
Telephone (03) 5727 0209 or 0408 519 955

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